As the Verge of Strife was running in the Fringe, the main challenge for me was that the set needed to be durable and flexible. It was ambitious in the fact that I kept the period drama-like aesthetic as much as I could. The large Georgian style bookshelves acted as a semi-backstage on both wings, as well as conveniently holding the main props for each scene. The enormous Persian carpet that covered the stage was quickly rolled back to expose the bare stage for the war scenes. Small, white, crosses were set out for the final mournful tableau. The practical side of this play demanded more professional attention than I had previously experienced. I had the opportunity to work with a professional production company as well as a Costume, Set and Prop warehouse, which opened my eyes to the sheer scope and world of theatre design. I was on hand for a month, altering and repairing costumes and set when necessary, as well as making decisions to simplify certain elements of the set, as the run went on.
Verge of Strife August 2016 - Reviews
Broadway Baby 4* by Joshua Clarke on 14th August 2016
“Emerging in a Grecian breastplate of gold, to a poetic backdrop of Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est the stage is seemingly set for the presentation of a man whose view of himself is certainly not lacking in confidence, bordering on adulation.”

Edinburgh Festival Magazine 5* August 10th, 2016 by lidia
“Far from being simplistic, the set and the costumes already place it a step ahead of many shows this Fringe, but it is the entire cast which makes the piece so spectacular.

Fest  3*  Billy Barrett 19 AUGUST 2016
“Emeline Beroud’s design allows for some satisfying stage business, as the cosy domesticity is rolled up and moved out to make way for the trenches...”

Talk Stagey to me FRIDAY, 19 AUGUST 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Review 
“Production designer Emeline Beroud's work is also more than just serviceable. The simplistic, summer-y set is wonderfully archaic, and compliments the production's undeniable overall finesse… Verge of Strife is an elegantly designed production with a strong cast.”

Theatre Eddy’s  Eddie Reynolds , August 12, 2016
“For a Fringe performance, Verge of Strife has set (Emeline Beroud) and lighting (Matt Cater) designs quite elaborate and period appropriate to support the excellent directorial decisions of Quentin Beroud.  Scenes, friends, and aspiring/rejecting lovers shift, blend, and even intertwine in the manner of a flowing verse.  We are left with lasting, haunting, mesmerizing images and words.”

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