I strive to be open, environmentally conscious, and community orientated in my life and in my work. I am passionate about where I live, and what the people around me need from an artist and how that sits in the wider online and global context. The creative arts are for me about constantly learning how to have a greater awareness of the world and expressing something honestly.
My story
Half English and half French, I grew up in Bromley outside London, while still spending a lot of time in France with family. For higher education I first went to Edinburgh University and Delhi University for my undergrad in English Literature. Now, I'm completing my MA in Performance Design at the Royal Welsh College in Cardiff.
Theatre Design
I love of collaborating with creatives on gritty and unique projects whether they are community based or commissioned by larger institutions. Studying for a Masters degree at the Royal Welsh has enabled me to hone and clarify my design practice. I find research and the world-making process of design extremely fulfilling. I am energised and open when collaborating with different teams to realise a production. Moving forward I’d like to continue to immerse myself in all areas of design - in theatre, dance, opera and film. This period of Lockdown has been strange, in-spite of this I've used this time to continue honing my digital design skills, costume drawing and planing performances with other performers on Zoom. 
I'm always engaging with the world through art. Sculpture, photography, portraits and sketching give me ways of reflecting on and discussing humanity. This plays an enormous part in my wellbeing. I work through my capacity to over-think through sculpture in particular. Community art work in London (Horizons Youth Centre), Edinburgh (WHALE Arts), Delhi (KHOJ) and Cardiff (OASIS Community Centre), and sharing creativity with others has been the most positive part of living in these cities for me. 
Working with the Wellcome collection has stoked my love of creating artworks which respond directly to the space around them. Collaborating with and facilitating workshops for young people at the Wellcome also tapped into my love of sharing creative practices with anyone and everyone, and constant need to learn from others.
Moving Image 
Working in film and animation: I'm looking forward to gaining experience in Film studios in Cardiff and working on an animation in Edinburgh this autumn.
For comments, commissions or collaborations please contact me below, or on insta: @emelineberoud 
Thank you! I'll get back to you ASAP
Photography: Allie Edge @ RWCMD
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