Tate Proposal Page one
Tate Proposal Page one
Tate Proposal Page two
Tate Proposal Page two
The Tate commissioned a handful of fabricator/makers including myself to develop a structure that would form a part of their large-scale schools event ASSEMBLY taking place in June 2019. I collaborated with architect Chico Shankland to make a proposal for the Tate's curatorial team.

The Brief that we were given:
Cardboard World is one of three activations taking place throughout the Tate's building and will invite young
people to think about how they can take control of and contribute to the world that they would like to
see through a collaborative making activity. As a key starting point, we would like to create a pre-
made structure which young people will be able to respond to by building on and around through the
use of recycled cardboard materials. Please read our proposal response in the images above.

We welcome any institution or individual to enquire more about this design, as it was not in fact taken up by the Tate this time. 
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