Set & costume design for King Harald's Saga - composed in 1979 by Judith Weir. Performed by Harriet Burns, directed by Eleanor Burke, for the Waterperry Opera Festival August 2023.

This 3 act opera is an epic tale, told by a narrator and 7 characters in 15 minutes, all played by one solo soprano. Drawn from the Heimskringla it tells the story of the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. KHS is farcical and irreverent in style, yet this piece is a tragedy and morality tale at heart, fiercely denouncing war and the catastrophic consequences of senseless violence. A tale for our times.

Design Assistants - Olivia Fraser, Ella Fraser
Stage Manager - Lorrie Hay
Production Manager - Sean Laing
Festival Production Manager - Jack Boissieux
Produced by Guy Verrall-Withers & Sophie Steers
Head of Music - Ashley Beauchamp
Thank you to Lisa Cochrane and the hospitality of the art department at St James School.

All my thanks to Scott and Bobby at Alladin’s Cave for your help and David who’d made the base of the revolve for another production and posted it on set-exchange. The set & costumes are mostly made and sourced from found and second-hand materials.

Photos by Sisi Burn 

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