Devising with Clothes
We are often barely conscious of dressing and undressing in our daily routine. Yet, the very same actions have the potential to make us feel exposed, uncomfortable, wild, daring and sensual. From shimmying into a bikini underneath a beach towel to slowly taking off a lover's shirt, Bare Threads explores what we reveal of ourselves as we peel away our layers of clothes and wrap ourselves back up. Physical and playful, Paradok's ensemble seeks spontaneity and routine, awkwardness and abandon, intimacy and sensuality as they experiment with their wardrobe in a series of vignette's.
THe Design
Bare threads was a physical theatre piece and character and storyline were devised through out the rehearsal process. As a result, my ideas for the costumes came about very organically, and directly in response to what was happening in the rehearsal space. They needed to be clothes that worked specifically for the sketch in hand, whether the characters would be manipulating the clothing to reflect their internal emotions or outward relationship with others. Often they clothes represented the fluidity of emotions, in which case silk shirts and kimonos worked perfectly; daily restrictions, where tightly tailored trousers, shirts and coats came in; and then socks, gloves, tights and pyjamas were symbolic of humour and awkwardness. We sourced the clothes from either our own wardrobes, charity shops or high street shops.
Reviews Bare Threads - The Space Niddry St. Edinburgh, 14-19 August 2017
Edinburgh Guide  4*, Isabel Rowe, 15th August
"Bare Threads is a wonderfully crafted piece of physical genius and shows off the wonderful talent of this young company. It is both hilarious and thoughtful and an inspired concept; well worth a watch."
"The cast are wonderfully blasé with their exposure until it almost becomes strange to see them covered in clothes again. Their monotone freedom makes you wonder why we are so prudish with our bodies. It’s just a body, everybody has one."

The Student Newspaper 4* Beth Blakemore, 17th August
"Bare Threads is an impressively synchronised and well-choreographed performance."
"The production offers a great mixture of playful and profound representations of how our dress can define us, effectively moving between silent, sombre scenes to those filled with joy."

All Edinburgh Theatre  3*, Hugh Simpson, 18th August
 "Often fascinating and occasionally beautiful."
"Brave, playful and compelling."

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